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Own Your Shit, Love Your Life!


Confidence Coaching and Counselling in Vancouver.

Meet Your “No BS” Best Friend!

Adulting: you’ve done everything your friends, family and the media say you need to do in order to be successful. No matter where you’re at in life it still feels like it’s just not right. You’ve spent a lot of time hiding, faking it, searching for that spark and wondering whether you’re enough. You want a CHANGE, you want MORE and you want it NOW! But where do you even start?!
That’s where I come in! Whether you’re looking for love, wanting a healthier lifestyle, needing balance in your life or want to get out of your past and start living your best life; I empower you to make positive changes with encouragement, direction, accountability and LOVE (even the tough kind). Working together we will FIND YOUR INNER AWESOME! 

How much time do you spend on yourself? 


Meet Kendra

You know that plan you had for yourself when you were younger? That life you said you’d be living by the time you are the age you are now? Not exactly happening for you? Guess what?! ME NEITHER! I used to say I was going to be married with 3 kids and a house, working as a teacher or a wedding planner all by the age of 25. Well, I’m in my 30s, no marriage, no kids, no house, not even a dog! Possible difference? I’m HAPPY about that (well except maybe the dog part)! I used to think that as long as I ticked all the boxes that my life would be complete, but it doesn’t work like that.
I’ve learned that life isn’t about having all the things if those things aren’t really what YOU want. You’re not going to have what you desire unless you believe you can. Well lucky for you I KNOW you can have whatever you want in life! I see you struggling, I see your pain and I’m here to tell you that within that pain lies your greatest gifts, passions, and purpose.
When I’m not helping you find your purpose/soulmate/inner awesome, I can usually be found at the beach with people I love while perfecting my surfing skills (aka attempting to stand up consistently), hiking Vancouver trails, petting everyone’s dog, sipping a big glass of wine (or coffee depending on the day) and planning my next awesome workshop, retreat, or personal adventure! This is MY life MY way and I LOVE it! Let’s find YOURS!

“There’s freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky, and you ask ‘What if I fall?’ Oh but my darling, what if you FLY?”
-Erin Hanson